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System requirements include:

-Personal or Multimedia computer with a 486 or higher processor.

-Microsoft Windows ® 95/98 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT ®.

- 10 meg of available hard-disk space.

- Shareware version has only 6,000 entries and will not print reports.

Currently, the database has over 31,000 individual entries. This started out as a little project to catalogue my collection in 1991, to what the database is today, I never would have thought that it would get so large. I’m sure there are still thousands of EJ/BT items out there that are not cataloged yet.

The full version comes on CD-ROM featuring the full version of  “To Be...Kompleated” The World-Wide Elton John/Bernie Taupin Discography. It has full lookup, search, sort and print capabilities (4 different reports).  A must if you are looking to see what is out in the collectable market of today.

Download the electronic version  

Download is appoximately .5 meg, so budget your time according to the type of hardware you have.

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Last updated - 28 December 2001

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