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To Be... Kompleated - The World Wide Elton John Discography

It is with great pleasure that I am able to do this discography for the fans of Elton John. I have been a avid collector since 1973, with the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" LP. When I came across Elton John items for sale in various collectors magazines or mailing lists, there was usually little or no description of the item, only a song title to go along with it. I never knew if the the items listed were different song versions, re-mixes, or extended versions, tracks on CD's or LP's, etc., and it frustrated me. It was then that I felt I needed something to help me identify the many different and various versions of LP's, Singles, CD's, LaserDiscs etc. This is how my discography started. I know that there are hundreds of items from various country's that are not included in this discography. With everyone's help we may be able to "Complete" it.

I'd like to give some special thanks to the following people. Thank you Giuseppe Bonaventura for getting the word out to the Italian collectors and readers of "Madman", without his help, this discography would not have grown to what it is today. To Stephan Heimbecher of "Hercules" Elton John Fan Club, a supporter of this project, and to Domenico Mellone, a special thank you. To my wife Cindy, who has put up with this madness, and for the person for whom this discography was done for.....


Happy collecting!

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